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About Family Matters

Family Matters is an awareness campaign that has been organised by the Huntington’s Disease Alliance UK and Ireland, which consists of The Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland, Scottish Huntington's Association, Huntington's Disease Association (England and Wales) and Huntington's Disease Association Northern Ireland. We have teamed up with project funders, Roche, to increase awareness around Huntington's disease.

The alliance alongside our communications company, M & F Health worked hard in 2021 to raise awareness in a variety of ways, including -

  • Launch of a campaign website
  • The Living History project
  • The creation of videos that feature interviews with Huntington's disease families
  • Surveys to gain important data from the Huntington's community
  • A large social media campaign
  • Sharing information with decision-makers
  • Celebrity ambassadors
  • Raising awareness by sharing information with the press

We are very grateful to our supporters who got involved in Family Matters by sharing stories and contributions to the Living History project.

I am contributing to this awareness campaign because I want people to be able to speak about Huntington's disease in the same way people can talk about other diseases. We need to spread the word so people understand how horrible the disease is to go through. I'm sharing a photo of my family for the Living History Campaign. I want people to understand how Huntingtons's can affect more than one generation, and the toll it can take on family carers. Family really does matter in Huntington's.

Living History Project Family Matters Website