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EHA Survey: Moving Forward with Research and Trials

The European Huntington Association (EHA) has just launched a new Project called “Moving Forward” to mobilise two specific groups within HD families to become more involved in research and trials:

  • People at risk for HD and
  • People with a positive HD gene test who are pre-symptomatic (pre-manifest HD stage).

EHA wants to understand the needs, concerns and wishes of family members with regard to research participation  in order to address them and propose any necessary changes.

The EHA has created an online Survey that is completely anonymous, easy to fill and will only take 6-8 minutes to complete. If you belong to either group above EHA asks you to complete this survey before the end on November 2020. Your first-hand perceptions and experiences of research participation will guide the planning of our work and make it much more meaningful. You can make a huge difference!

For further information see EHA Moving Forward 

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