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The Huntington's Disease Alliance is hosting a new series of lived experiences, 'Family Voices' starting on May 16th. Family members from across the Huntington’s disease community will share their experience.  For our first episode, Melanie Pearson will talk about the impact of Huntington's disease on her family and about why it inspired her to write a book.  

Mel says:

"For all the agony and distress it can cause, it’s amazing how Huntington’s can bring people together – people in the same situation, who understand. This is a short talk from the personal point of view of a survivor. My mum and brother both had the illness and I grew up at risk so it’s something that has deeply affected my life. I’ve written a memoir about my family and the impact HD has had on us all, and how we coped. I hope that sharing our experience might be helpful for other families."

The Huntington’s Disease Alliance was established to promote awareness of Huntington’s disease and improve support for families across the UK and Ireland. The Alliance consists of four independent charities, Huntington's Disease AssociationScottish Huntington's AssociationHuntington's Disease Association Northern Ireland and Huntington's Disease Association of Ireland. The organisations within the Alliance share the common goal of helping people who live with Huntington’s disease to achieve the best quality of life possible. Collectively, the Huntington’s Disease Alliance also strives to universally increase understanding and raise awareness of the impact of the disease on individuals and families affected.

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