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Film Release: Dancing At The Vatican


In a year when the entire world has struggled to come to grips with a global pandemic comes a story of prevailing hope.

An uplifting, heart-warming documentary charting the journey made by some incredibly brave families from Latin America each bound by the same devastating disease, Huntington’s. Their life-changing mission to bring this long stigmatised disease out of the shadows culminates at The Vatican, where Pope Francis became the first global leader to ever publicly recognise the disease and speak the words 'Huntington's disease' aloud.

Former NBC war reporter and Huntington’s Disease family member Charles Sabine, along with leading neuroscientist Dr Ignacio Muñoz-Sanjuan and lifetime Senator and renowned Pharmacologist Elena Cattaneo, came together to shine a much needed light on a rare and highly stigmatised disease.

An uplifting story of a seemingly impossible, cross-continental journey made by some extraordinarily brave families bound by the same devastating disease; Huntingtons, on a life-changing mission to bring their illness out of the shadows. 

Watch Dancing At The Vatican free on YouTube. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German subtitled versions are available 

"This is a beautifully made, powerful and very emotional film. Please, please watch it.” Professor Niall Pender, Dept. of Psychology, Beaumont Hospital 

The Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland (HDAI) was delighted to participate in the Vatican event which became the biggest global gathering of the Huntington's Disease community ever. Please help to increase awareness by subscribing to this film here  and sharing it with your contacts.


Dublin Film Screening and Q & A

HDAI together with Irish filmmakers Amanda Spencer and Brian Moore hosted a special screening of the inspirational documentary 'Dancing At The Vatican' on Thursday May 23rd at the Lighthouse Cinema, Dublin. 

A Question and Answer session followed the screening facilitated by Mick Clifford, Irish Examiner journalist. Brian Moore (filmmaker), Dr. Ed Wild and Lauren Byrne (Huntington’s Disease Centre, UCL, London and Dr Niall Pender, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin spoke about their participation in the HDDennomore event and its significance for the HD community. Issues of concern for Irish families including access to clinical trials and potential therapies in the future were also discussed. The panel discussion is available here.



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