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Roche have announced the very unwelcome news that they are halting their GENERATION – HD1 phase III antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) therapy trial (22 March 2021). The trial was established to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Tominersen, previously known as IONIS-HTTRx or RG604, in people showing Huntington’s disease symptoms. 

Roche have stated that the trial has been halted on the advice of the Independent Data Monitoring Committee. This is a group of completely independent experts whose job is to monitor and decide whether the trial should continue.

At the moment, the information we have is limited. HD Buzz recommend we ‘tune out of any noise for now’ and wait for reliable experts to keep us informed. Please get in touch if you need support.

We recommend you read the HDBuzz article about the announcement here:

Webinar Invitations

EHA Webinar

Astri Arnesen, President of the European Huntington Association has organised a webinar this Friday at 5 pm Central European Time. 

Professor Sarah Tabrizi and Professor Anne Rosser will explain what has happened with the Roche Trial based on the information available and also help us understand what this means for HD research in a more general perspective.  There will be opportunities for questions and discussions.  EHA will record the webinar and make it available soon after Friday.

Register in advance for this meeting:

HDBuzz Q&A

Scheduled for the Huntington Society of Canada meeting at 4:10pm EDT on Saturday 27 March

Ed Wild,  Leora fox, Rachel Harding and possibly Jeff Carroll will be available

Details and link to register here

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