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International HD Conferences

The European Huntington's Association (EHA) is a voluntary umbrella organisation formed by HD Associations in Europe. It aims to support HD families by encouraging collaboration and raising awareness throughout Europe. The EHA organises annual conferences (on alternate years in collaboration with EHDN).


EHDN and EHA Joint Conference

The European Huntington’s Disease Network (EHDN) is a non-profit research network committed to advance research, clinical trials and improve clinical care in Huntington’s Disease. European conferences are held every two years. International HD Clinicians, Researchers, Scientists and people impacted by HD discuss their expertise  at the conferences. Attendees include family members, health and social care professionals, researchers and scientists interested in Huntington's Disease treatment, care and research.

The 2018 ENDN Conference was held in Vienna, Austria. Speakers presentations are available online at:  See HDAI's Q3 2018 newsletter for information.

900+ attendees attended the conference in The Hague, Netherlands in September 2016. See HDAI's Q3 16  Newsletter for further details.

CHDI Therapeutics Conference

The CHDI Foundation is a privately-funded, not-for-profit biomedical research organisation devoted to  Huntington’s disease. It hosts an Annual HD Therapeutics Conference