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June 7th - 9th 2019

Members Meeting and Respite Weekend

2019 - June 7th -9th, Cuisle Holiday Centre

HDAI provide an annual Members Meeting and respite weekend for people with HD, family members and carers in Cuisle, IWA Respite Centre, Donammon, Co. Roscommon in June each year. Members usually arrive on Friday evening and stay until Sunday afternoon. On Saturday HDAI host their Annual General Meeting and a Members Meeting where professionals speak on topics of interest. A Carers meeting takes place on Saturday morning and complementary massage and chiropody therapies are also available. The evenings are reserved for socialising and meeting old and new friends in a relaxed environment. Superbly situated on the banks of the river Suck in Roscommon, Cuisle has been developed in the grounds of Donamon Castle – one of the oldest inhabited buildings in Ireland. Spacious and beautiful wooded grounds and green fields surround this charming holiday centre. It is miles away from everywhere!

Feedback from participants include

Patrick "A great sense of being together with people who have the same level of HD. A great sense of camaraderie with all including speaker."

K & S "Excellent weekend. An opportunity to meet people and just chat and/or get advice. The talks were great. Informing us of the bigger picture and what's happening on the medical front"

Mary & Ed "We had a ball, good food, good crowd and an interesting meeting, Thank you all’."

Prof. Mike Conneally "A wonderful weekend; ideal place for a meeting – great to see so many old friends."

Anonymous "This was my first time to attend this lovely meeting and gathering of family and friends of HD. I hope to be here again next year. A great experience to talk with and chat with people who care."

Olive "Thanks a million for opening the door for me and many others in future."

Previous Events

2018 - June 8th -10th, Cuisle Holiday Centre. Guest Speakers: Michaela Hammond, Research Assistant and Enroll-HD Co-ordinator, Beaumont Hospital; Maire Duff, Genetic Counsellor, Dept. of Clinical Genetics, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Dublin and Anne Lennon Bird, Ireland HD Cope representative. See newsletter report

2017 - June 9th - 11th, Cuisle Holiday Centre. Guest Speakers: Dr Emma Yhnell, Neuroscience Institute, Cardiff University, Aine Ennis, Social Worker Bloomfield Hospital Services and Caroline, a family member impacted by HD - see newsletter report

2016 members meeting with Jimmy Pollard, International HD Speaker and author of Hurry Up and Wait -see HDAI's Q2 16 newsletter for a summary of the event.