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Mind Matters

RTÉ Radio One ‘Mind Matters’ wins award for HD programme

Mind Matters is a science series that looks at conditions of the human brain, and its ability to function and recover after trauma. The second series of Mind Matters featured Huntington's Disease on March 6th 2007 at 8.30pm. Presenter and producer Ella McSweeney talked to Galway-born scientist Michael Conneally who helped to isolate the gene in 1993, Geneticist Professor Patrick Morrison who talked about environment and other genes possibly having an effect on the onset of HD. Geneticist Sarah Duke from the National Centre for Medical Genetics who spoke about the scientific aspect of the testing procedure. Dr Anthony Hannan an Australian scientist discussed his research work on exploring how genes and the environment interact in the brain at molecular and cellular levels. The programme also featured family members including the heart-rending story of a family who are affected by the condition.

This programme won the Speech Programming award in the Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI) Radio Awards, on 19/10/2007. The awards, established by the PPI and the BCI (Broadcasting Commission of Ireland), celebrate the art and skill of radio production and programming.