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Awareness Raising

Advocacy, Awareness, Media

Because Huntington’s disease is a rare disease, few are fully aware of the impact of the condition on an individual affected and on the HD family. Some families are reluctant to speak openly about the condition due to fear of genetic discrimination from potential employers, insurers or mortgage providers. Increased awareness leads to a greater understanding among the extended family, friends and colleagues of those affected, health and social care providers, statutory services and the general public.

People impacted by HD are best placed to tell others about the disease and its effects. Sharing your own experience gives others an insight into the realities of living with HD, living at risk or providing care for a loved one. Reaching out and asking for assistance helps to share the burden HD can bring.

Increasing awareness and advocating on behalf of families affected by HD is a key activity of the Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland.  We work with other groups and stakeholders to pursue equitable access to necessary treatments, services and supports.  Thank you to all those who support us in our work.

Honest, open communication between HD families, scientists and clinicians is really important

Dr Emma Yhnell

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